Sketchley Family Profile – April 2024

This profile originally appeared in our April, 2024 newsletter.

The Sketchleys celebrated their 40th! (yes 40th) year … wow!


2017 - Stuart, Steve, Darren, Jason

2004 - Jason, Darren, Stuart, Steve

Sketchley Family FATS Profile:

The Sketchleys

Golf has always been an important family sporting event, and I can remember starting our family golfing at Chinguacousy Country Club, (now known as Caledon Country Club). The entire family, Mom and sister Tania included would be at the course every weekend since we were kids.

When we first found out about the Father & 3 Sons Golf Tournament, there was a waiting list to get in, and we waited 2 years before we were officially invited. This year will mark a milestone for us, our first year being in 1984, this will be our 40th year as attendees. As with most families along the way, we have had a brother not able to make it and had a brother-in-law fill in, and one year when Dad owned a Pro Golf Franchise, we had a substitute Dad come, just so we didn’t miss a year. That’s how important this event has been to us all.

We have only won this event once, and to be honest, I couldn’t tell you what year, nor can I honestly tell you we care. This event is so much more than competing. It’s tradition, comradery, it’s long-standing friendships, you know, the guys you only see once a year, but yet you act like you just saw each other yesterday.

Being our 40th year, we have seen families come and go, some by choice, some by tragedy, but we always make sure that we remember to honour all who have been blessed to be part of this event.

And our new tradition of welcoming NEW families with our over-the-top celebration is actually a particular highlight of the event, at least for me!
Seeing all those new young faces, and the sheer terror in their eyes when we explode in celebration….it just never gets old.

That’s what this tournament has meant to us over the years, just pure joy and anticipation to see everyone and make memories that last forever.
We don’t know how many more years we have to be part of this tremendous group of guys, but we are gonna enjoy every last one of them, and truly miss it when we are no longer able to.


Editor Notes

Editor’s Note (Gary)

This profile originally appeared in our April, 2024 newsletter.

Thanks to Darren for putting the above article together for his family. Needless to say, FATS means a lot to the Sketchleys! You all may also remember that Darren gave us the lead to Matthew Murchie Darren’s “little” brother (through the organization Big Brothers). Matthew ended up doing a great job designing our new website.

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