Instructions for 2024 First time Registration

One of the functions that we have developed on our website is the ability to save your family registration information on the site. This means that after this year all your registration information will be saved and in 2025 and beyond you will only need to enter your email address, and your password and the system will bring up your previous year’s registration. All you will need to do is check that the information is still accurate, update any changes and then submit your registration (and pay of course!).

For user name I would suggest your first initial and last name (this will negate the issue of duplicate user names for two families with the same name. Enter your email. Create a password (remember you will need to use the same email and password in subsequent years when you sign in. Click next and you will be sent to the registration form as it was previously on the website. Complete the form and submit it for your 2024 registration (don’t forget to send your payment). In 2025 you will be asked to sign in using the same email and password you set up here. You will then be taken to your completed registration from the previous year. You will need to update any changes and then submit your registration. We are hoping this makes it easier for everyone to register.
If you have any issues email me at

2024 Event – August 15 and 16, 2024 at Granite Ridge GC in Milton

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