Past Hosts, Courses & Awards

The Father and Three Sons Golf Classic traces its roots back to 1935.  The location of the first event is unknown, but it was founded by the Tilden (Tilden-Rent-a-Car) family of Montreal and the Timmins (mining) family of Ontario, intended as a day for a few families to set aside and play golf in a friendly, yet competitive, fashion.

The original name was the “Noah A Timmins Memorial Tournament”, and it is believed that the name changed sometime in the early 1940’s.   The event was cancelled during the Second World War for obvious reasons, but was re-kindled when the war ended and has been played every year since then.

In 1981 a formal constitution was drawn up to provide rules and guidelines relating to the day’s event, which has been amended several times to balance progress with tradition.

Some of the most prestigious courses in Canada have hosted the event, including 4 of the 5 oldest clubs in North America:  Royal Montreal (the oldest golf course in North America and host of the 2007 President’s Cup), Brantford, London Hunt and St. Thomas, all of which predate 1900.  Other notable tracks include Beaconsfield, Lambton (1907, ’10, ’25 ’41 Canadian Opens), Ottawa Hunt, Scarboro,  Stratford, Sunningdale, The Summit, Thornhill and Westmount (1957 Canadian Open).   Although the event was originally held in Quebec or Ontario, it has now largely played only in southern or central Ontario.

Some well known individuals and families have competed to win one of the cherished trophies: Tilden family (Tilden Rent-a-Car), Timmins family (mining), Smythe family (Toronto Maple Leafs), John D’Amico (Honoured Member of The Hockey Hall of Fame), Morland family (David Morland IV has played in numerous PGA events), Jack Nash (Golf Association of Ontario Hall of Fame Member). Gordon Coyle (Past President of the Royal Canadian Golf Association), Ron Ellis (Former Toronto Maple Leafs), Dr. Robert Elgie (Former Provincial Cabinet Minister).

Throughout the ages, New Families have been welcomed into the tournament, for which there has been a waiting list many times in the past. Most New families become Returning families, building the annual event into a tradition that extends through decades. In some cases, it extends through generations, as Sons become Fathers with three boys of their own. Some families have maintained a 35+ year streak, with others having played consecutively for MORE THAN 50 YEARS consecutively!

(Special thanks to Richard Luciani, Dan Herbert and Bruce Waite for researching and compiling much of the information contained in this section.)

Ceremonial Items


In 2001, at Craigowan Golf Club in Woodstock, Ontario, the Slimmon family donated the Father and Three Sons Golf Classic flag. This flag is to be flown, below the Canada flag, on the main flag pole of the hosting golf course.


In 2004, at Caledon Golf and Country Club in Caledon, Ontario, the Sketchley family donated Father and Three Sons logoed pin flags to be placed on every hole pin. At the conclusion of the day, both the main flag and the pin flags are presented to the family hosting the event the following year.

Tee Blocks

In 2009, at Rebel Creek Golf Course in Petersburg, Ontario, Matt Williams (co-hosting family) donated 50 stainless steel tee blocks laser-cut with the Father and Three Sons logo.


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