Nash Family Profile – June 2023

This profile originally appeared in our June, 2023 newsletter. The Nashs are a two generation Father and Three Sons family. John originally played with his father and two brothers and then played with a combination of three of his six (yes six) sons.

John originally played as a son with his father Jack and his two brothers starting in 1965. He then started playing as a father with his sons in 1998.

Here is the profile as it appeared in June, 2023

The photo on the left, circa 1975 is Left to Right - Jack (father), Robert, David, John (we could all tell it was John right?).

Nash family vacation in 2022 which caused a rare miss of the FATS event by the Nash's.

NASH Family FATS Profile:

My father, Jack Nash, was a recognized figure in amateur golf in Ontario, so it was hardly surprising that when he heard about the FATS organization in 1965 he signed us in: I was 24, Rob 21, and David 15. We won it 6 times over the next decade, but stopped playing because Dave, our youngest, was always forced to play in the last group (before shotgun starts) with the youngest: in spite of his 4 h’c’p he had to play with early teens that couldn’t break 100 over a 6 hour round – he really did not enjoy that year after year…but that was the formula. Fortunately, FATS has become more flexible over time, setting foursomes by ability, and/or request, shotgun starts, max hole scores, and much quicker rounds!

Our family performance is seen in FATS records, but our fondest memory was playing host in 1962 at the Hunt Club when we scored 300…still the FATS record; our second fondest was losing to the Waites at St. Thomas in 1977 when each of their foursome played ‘record’ rounds – we joined them at their celebration later that evening. My bride gave me ‘special’ permission to play in the event on the eve of our wedding in 1972…she had never played golf up to that point, but needless to say, perceived our future together: and she loves the game today.

In the olden days the fathers’ meeting was held before dinner, accompanied by many cocktails: then, following dinner, they introduced their sons. It was lengthy, all too frequently a little ‘awkward’ when some got maudlin, and rambled on with personal family stories, and occasional tears…and it was seemingly endless! Doing the intros by different sons each year has been a welcome improvement, and finishing in daylight is especially attractive for families driving significant

distances…even the less formal dress policy has been welcomed by most. Nice to see the changes…and the renewed enthusiasm…it’s contagious!

My 6 sons insisted we get involved in 1998, and we’ve played for many years since. We hosted at Firerock in London in 2018. All 6 sons were allowed to play back then…(the field was larger), and we occasionally loaned a son out to a deficient team, or our extras just fit in when space allowed. When FATS cut the field to 128 competitors, thankfully eliminating the 6-hour rounds, we started a Nash family playoff for our three spots in early August – followed by burgers and beer at home, and hearts till midnight! All six sons have played on the competitive team at some point…and we really enjoy the warmup round, occasionally participating in the Scramble.

The evolution of FATS has been especially progressive in the past decade, and truly remarkable thanks to a few truly dedicated families. The website is strong and fortifies the traditions; the new policy allowing new families to play together upon request is ‘inviting’: thanks to that change I have introduced two new families…one will play this year; hopefully both next year. It’s wonderful to see the new generation assuming the mantle.

The Father and Three is a wonderful event, a truly inspiring family occasion – a treasure to maintain and strengthen. In that context, huge Thank You to our current Board, and to all our future very generous hosts. Hosting is demanding, and absolutely essential to the next 100 years of Father and Three Sons competition!

Editor Notes

In 2002 when our family played in the Father and Three Sons event for the first time I was in a foursome that included John Nash. In addition to being incredibly gracious, and making me feel welcome at the event, John gave me a great history of the event based on his playing as both a son and a father. However, what I remember most about that round of golf was that I shot 76. Which for me is a very (read very very) good round. John shot 68! As I have often told this story, I have never shot 76 and have someone in my group beat me by 8 strokes!

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