Lancaster Family Profile – January 2024

This profile originally appeared in our January 2024 newsletter. 

The Lancasters are a true golfing family. They love to play together as a family and they are good! Ken served as our first Treasurer when our FATS Board was established in 2022.

Here is the profile from our January 2024 newsletter:

The Lancasters - A dominating FATS golfing family and one that truly enjoys the event.

The Lancaster’s
In late 2007, a client of mine introduced me to Todd Finlayson who in turn introduced me to FATS. We were on the wait list for 2008 and fortunately got in that year. It was hosted by the Nash family – what a memorable event for us. Thank you!
We are so grateful to Todd for connecting us to FATS. Sadly, 2008 was the last year the Finlayson’s were able to play in FATS.


It is no surprise that FATS is our favourite golf / family event of the year as we come from a very active golf family. My Dad was an avid golfer and one of his hobbies was operating his golf club manufacturing and repair business in his spare time – “Lancaster Golf Laboratory”.

In the 1970s, my Dad built and restored persimmon woods, assembled irons, re-shafted clubs, re-gripped clubs and repaired clubs. It was common for my Dad to come home to face a repair job as one of his buddies’ clubs was broken in two, stuffed in our mailbox!

My Dad got as low as a 2 handicap and my older brother Bob was a scratch golfer. My only FATS regret is we were not aware of the event when my Dad was alive. We would have played in it with my Dad as Bob and I have another brother Ron who would occasionally play golf. We could have played in FATS from the early ‘70s until my Dad died in 1984 at age 57.

I was introduced to golf at age 8 and my wife Deborah and I introduced our three boys Mike, Cam and Chris to golf at age 6. All three boys are golf obsessed and played it competitively from age 10. Mike is only 18 months older than his twin brothers Cam and Chris and they achieved a rare feat in 2008 when all three boys qualified for the Ontario Junior Golf Championship! All three boys wanted to obtain golf scholarships and Mike attended Miami of Ohio (and transferred to University of Toledo) and Chris went to Eastern Michigan.

All three boys have won some really great events – bantam, juvenile and junior club championships at Glendale G&CC. The biggest win the boys had was Mike winning the 2012 Ontario Junior Match Play Championship.

Today, our family continues to be golf focused. We try and get out and play golf together when time permits. Here we are on Canada Day in 2016:

And here we are out for a round celebrating Cam and Chris’ birthday in July 2023:

We share many traditional moments and will gather on Sundays to watch the majors and many of the other PGA TOUR events during the year. Most family events include chipping to our putting green in our basement.


Advice is always offered – we may not listen – but we are always trying to help each other out. Cam is Director of Instruction at Copetown Woods.

We were thrilled to host FATS in 2018 – the 10th anniversary of our first event. We have been fortunate to win the low gross in 2008, 2009, 2019 and 2022 and we won the low net in 2023. While winning is fun, the real thrill is coming together as a family and building on the amazing friendships we have built with the other fathers and sons. We love Geof Lauer’s motto: “it is not about golf, it is about family”.

We look forward to hosting FATS in 2028 that will mark our 20th anniversary of our first event.

Comments from the sons


FATS is all about family and it’s a reminder for me of how grateful I am for my dad to introduce me to this game and all the memories I’ve had with my brothers growing up golfing together. I feel lucky to have brothers and a dad that I can golf with.

The FATS event is a celebration of the relationships between brothers and fathers around golf. Doesn’t matter if you can shoot around par or north of 100, all about the fun and connecting with other sons and fathers.

I love the difference both days bring to the event as well as the traditions that are upheld at each event. The scramble is always a great day to warm up and try the hero shots and I love seeing new and familiar faces on tournament day with other sons and fathers. I hope to meet more of the new families in 2024 with the Luciani’s hosting!

Happy New Year FATS families and thank you for the opportunity to share.


The FATS tournament is something I hold near and dear to my heart. Coming from a golfing family it is something for us that has become a meaningful and also competitive tournament that we circle on our calendar on a yearly basis. The competition is just one small aspect of it, it is also the amount of fun we have and genuine time spent together we often don’t get when we are busy with our day to day lives.

Five years ago I entered the golf industry as a professional coach and player and it has even elevated this event even more for me. On top of that the incredible connections my family has made with other families has been special. Seeing familiar faces on a yearly basis really is one of the main reasons we come back every year.

I look forward to many more years to come.


The FATS tournament is a community, an unspoken connection of father’s and sons that come together each year. Each family in my experience has their own goal. Some to get closest to the Lauer’s, some to win their first Net Championship, some to not get too competitive. One thing we all share is having the special privilege of spending time with our family.

Firstly, The FATS for me is a yearly reminder of why I play this game; my Dad. My Dad taught us boys how to grip the club, stand, swing, putt, chip, but more importantly, how we conduct ourselves, in life, in business, and on the course. I still remember the first amazing golf shot I saw in my life on the 10th hole at Glendale. My Dad hit a 5 wood to a foot from 225 yards. From that moment, my brothers watching on, we were hooked. We could do great things with a stick and ball, that was pretty cool.

The FATS also reminds me of how no matter the circumstance, I have my Dad, and my brothers to turn too. And as my wife Jordan and I have had our first son Arlo who is a year old now (he’s already hitting balls), it reminds me that I will be that to my family and future kids as well.

We all come back each year because it is a reminder of how our family was raised, how other amazing families come together and share their family connection too.

Thanks Dad, Mom, Mike, Cam, and the FATS Family. See you soon!

Ken, Mike, Cam, Chris

The Lancaster’s at the 2023 FATS


Editor Notes

Editors Note (Gary): As anyone knows who has played in our annual FATS event as soon as the Lancaster Family joined the event they became a dominant low-gross scoring family. They are all great golfers. But I also know from getting to know them the event means much more to them than winning the trophy. They enjoy being together as a family and being part of the FATS community. Ken has made a significant contribution to our FATS board as our treasurer and always has thoughtful advice and input.

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