Boyer Family Profile – September 2023

This profile originally appeared in our September 2023 newsletter. The Boyers have been enthusiastic and active members of the Father and Three Sons community since they originally joined in 1995. Michael served on the original Fathers’ Advisory board and later as a past board member of our Father and Three Sons committee/board. Ryan is currently serving as one of three sons on the committee/board.

Here is the profile from our September 2023 newsletter:

The Boyers - A Family that truly loves the event!

The photo on the left is the Boyer’s original photo from their first year in the event in 1995. Brandon teed off in the ceremonial tee-off as the youngest son. The photo on the left from our most recent event, 2023 at Whirlpool GC in Niagara

Father and Three Sons – Kindred Fellowship and Endearing Memories by Michael Boyer

Our incredible journey began in 1995 and has continued consecutively through 2023. There was no Father and Three Sons tournaments in 2020 & and 2021 due to Covid and the event was sorely missed.

We were introduced to the Father and Three Sons by the Turner family back in 1993. It has always been a highly coveted tournament and we were on a waitlist for two years before our first event in 1995 in Stratford, Ontario. Brandon, the youngest son, just turned 12 years old.

Brandon cutting the cake as the youngest member at the 60th anniversary in the Boyers’ first year at Stratford 1995.

The memories and camaraderie over the years are legendary.

We introduced the Bird family, the following year, in 1996 to the event and, like most participants, they couldn’t say enough about it. They played for approximately 19 consecutive years before their father, Harvey, passed away.

In 1998 at Nottawasaga, I remember having a putting game with the Birds and a couple of other families past 2 AM the evening before the tournament…a little foggy the next morning.

In 2000 at Horseshoe Resort, we had the pleasure of having Ron Ellis, one of the great Toronto Maple Leaf’s attend our function. The entry fee, all in, for the family that year was $490; how times have changed.

We are a competitive family and always try our very best in the tournament. In 2004 at Caledon Country Club, we woke up to a day with a humidex factor of 39° with a good chance of thunderstorms. After eight holes, play was suspended and they closed the course for an hour. We went back out, finished our round and I met Brandon in the parking lot. He says “Dad, have a look at this”; he shows me his scorecard where he shot 74! I was 78, Ryan was 82 and Jason was 83 for a total of 317. That was good enough for our first gross win!

When our name was announced, it was definitely a highlight as we thought we had won the Stanley Cup. We ended up at Jake’s Boathouse and partied ‘till early in the morning with the McCarthy’s and a couple of other families. A night to remember!

The winning Low Gross team in 2004 at Caledon Country Club

The following year along with the Bird family, we hosted the 2005 event at Pine Stone. This was the first year that the Father and Three Sons scramble was introduced.

Around this time, rule changes were made to help make the tournament more enjoyable. One of the changes was that when you turned 65 years old you could play the forward tees. A couple of the other changes, at that time, were ‘double par maximum’ and everything is played as a ‘lateral hazard’.

A shout out to the Lancaster’s who won the scramble in 2009 at Rebel Creek where they shot 15 under, which included 14 birdies in a row! Imagine!

My Father passed away in May 2011; we were very close and he is still missed by all of us. Later that same year at the scramble at Tangle Creek, our 17th consecutive Father and Three Sons tournament, something magical happened. Starting on hole 10, we were 4 under par through 6 holes. We had 12 circles in a row including an eagle on hole number 1, finishing at minus 17. Before the eagle on hole number 1, we had our picture taken symbolizing our thought we were going to win that day! Amazing what happens at times! The Sketchleys were minus 16, Gallos were minus 15 and the Kerrs were minus 14. Quite a leader Board! Brandon was our anchor that day and made everything he had to inside of 5 feet.

Photo taken just before the Boyers scored an eagle on hole number 1 at Tangle Creek

Later that same year an Advisory Board was formed and I was fortunate enough to sit with Bruce Waite and Gino Luciani for a few years. This was later changed to the present Board. We now have Gary Isaacs in the Chair and hats off to the new Board, which is taking the Father and Three Sons to the next level!

In 2012, at Battlefield in Niagara Parks, the Gallos won with a combined score of 307. Andrew Gallo shot an amazing 64 with a double bogey on his first hole. Outstanding recovery!

We hosted again in 2015 for the Father and Three Son’s 80th anniversary. I wish to acknowledge my sons for doing an incredible job of organizing and making sure the tournament was a success. The Nash family record, and historic Father Three Sons record, of 300 gross total, which was accomplished when John Nash was a son, was threatened that year.

The Gallos won with a total gross score of 301 narrowly missing, tying the record.

John Nash can still really play. I teamed up with him at Copetown Woods in 2018 where he bogeyed the last hole and still shot 70!

It’s not about the golf…it’s about family. We have focused on family, friendship and fun. Looking back over the last 28 years, our family feels very fortunate to be part of such a great tradition, and will always cherish the times we’ve had with each other, and other fathers and sons. It is quite an honour to be part of something that started in 1935 and has run consecutively except during the war years 1939 to 1945, and then again in 2020 & and 2021. I often think about the line that Bruce Waite has mentioned many times over the years “Your brothers are your best friends” and that has really hit home with us. Being part of the Father and Three Sons gives all of us the chance to enjoy and grow with that statement.

We look forward to hosting in 2025 for the 90th anniversary of the great Father and Three Sons Golf Tournament.

The Boyers – Michael, Jason, Ryan, Brandon

Editor Notes

As I mentioned in the Nash family profile I played with Michael and John in our first year at Hawk Ridge. I learned a lot from Michael about the event and he was always gracious with his time. For at least the next 10 years Michael and I had dinner together at the Friday banquet whether we played in the same group or not. We have even got out for golf outside of FATS, at Cherry Downs, Wyndance and a very memorable day when Michael invited me out to Wild Fire. Of course, Michael served on the advisory committee for years and now serves as a past board member on our current committee. I always appreciate his advice and input. To carry on the Boyer involvement Ryan now sits on our FATS committee and is an active participant.

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