2020 Recap

85th Annual Golf Classic

Event Summary

The Golfi and Butler families had agreed to host the 2020 Father and Three Sons Golf Classic. Although in the early stages they had decided to hold the event in Niagara. Unfortunately, the global pandemic spoiled those plans.

From what we can tell the only other time the annual FATS event was cancelled was during the Second World War (as a reminded the event started in 1935). So it seems only world wars and global pandemic stop our event.

Despite the disappointment of the event being cancelled our FATS families carried on. Many families played golf together on the day the event would have been played. You can see the photos in this section.

One unique story. Like most golf events FATS has a most honest (highest score) trophy. In the case of the Father and Three Sons this trophy is called “Closest to the Lauers”. The Lauers got tired of “winning” this trophy and donated a trophy which they called Closest to the Lauers which is awarded to most honest family score.

The Nishikawa’s and Isaacs decided to play together in their replacement FATS golf event in 202. They decided they would play the two courses that they played the first year they played in the event. For the Nishikawa’s that is Rebel Creek in Kitchener. For the Isaacs that is Hawk Ridge in Orillia. Geoff Lauer one of two Lauer fathers that play in the event lives in Kitchener. Ralph Lauer lives in Orillia. The came out and joined the Nishikawa’s and Isaacs for lunch in their respective cities. So you could say the Nishikawa’s and Isaacs won closet to the Lauers in 2020, by proximity not score.

Enjoy the photos.

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