2008 Recap

73th Annual Golf Classic

Firerock Golf Club

2008 Event Summary

The 2008 Father and Three Sons Golf Classic was held on Friday, August 22nd at , in London, Ontario.  The weather was spectacular – sunny and hot all day with just a slight breeze –  which made for a very enjoyable day.

Registration and Family Photos were conducted between 8am and 10am, after which the Ceremonial Tee Off and Group Photo took place.  This year, because Hole 1 is a forced carry and Hole 10 a blind tee shot, the Nash family elected to have a Chip Off on the 18th green.  All the families gathered on the sloped bowl around the green to cheer twins Spencer and Dylan Coetzee as the youngest participants (aged 12) as they officially started the tournament with very respectable chips.  Peter McKay, the Oldest Father, then stepped forward to knock his chip inside both boys’, eliciting a roar from the crowd.

Jay Nash, acting as spokesman for the host family, then officially welcomed the families and ran through a few notes on specific holes.  Once in the carts, golfers were led to their assigned holes and the Shotgun start was underway promptly as scheduled at 10:30am.

At the beautiful par 4 Hole #2, a sampler station was set up for  and the .  The par 3 Hole #8 was sponsored by Volvo, with a chance to win a C30 with a hole-in-one (incredibly, no one walked away with a new car).  At Hole #12, there was a a Nike Long Drive station where all players hit their first drive with their own club, then a second drive with a Nike driver of their choice.  Unfortunately each had to play his own club’s ball for the hole.

The round was complete within 5 1/2 hours, after which families reconvened to share stories from the day and compare scores, then get showered and changed for the Dinner and Awards Banquet.  As with everything throughout the day, the Banquet started right on time and was run very efficiently, with announcements, introductions and awards taking place throughout the buffet style supper which took place in Firerock’s banquet facility.

During the Family Introductions by the eldest son, an article was read by John Waite highlighting John Nash’s receipt of the Dr. Ivan Smith Award, University of Western Ontario’s highest tribute ().  It was bestowed on Mr. Nash in recognition of his commitment and contributions to the university and the London community.  The announcement prompted a standing ovation to recognize his achievement.

The only unexpected event throughout the day was the appearance of a bride and her bridesmaids outside having pictures taken, creating a pleasant backdrop to Jay Nash who was emceeing at the podium.  Roars and cheers erupted from the golfers, much to the embarrassment of the wedding party.  At the insistence of the crowd, Jay opened the door and invited the girls inside, but they somehow resisted his charms.

Shortly before 7:30pm dessert was served and all formal awards and announcements completed.  At the conclusion of the event, Geof Lauer was introduced as the Father of the following year’s Host Family.  Promising a great event with many interesting touches he announced that, together with the Williams Family, they would be hosting at  in Petersburg, Ontario.

2008 Family Scramble

As is becoming tradition, there was a Family Scramble played on the Thursday before the main tournament.

There was a fantastic turn out, with 20 of the 32 families playing in the shotgun round, most participating in the optional Scramble event.  Some families chose to use the round simply as a chance to play with family members and get to know the course before the main tournament, while the Nash family uses the event each year to see which 3 sons (those who play the best on Thursday) will join their father in Friday’s round.

For the second year in a row, an “equalizing” format was applied to the scramble.

  • All teams start at the Blue tees
  • For every birdie or eagle, move back one tee block on the next hole
  • For every bogey, move forward one tee block

This gave families many different looks at the course, and ensured that the most skilled golfers would have the greatest challenge throughout the day, playing from the “tips” for much of the round.

Scramble Winners

The 2008 Family Scramble winners, with a score of -13, were the Luciani family:
Gino (Father), David, Michael and Richard

2008 Award Winners

Low Gross
Score of 305
Ken, Mike, Cam, Chris
Low Net
Score of 206
Howard, Ryan, Richard, Chris
Closest to the Lauers
Tony, Marco, Paulo, Daniel
Closest to the Coyles
23 Consecutive Years
Stuart, Steven, Darren, Jason
Longest Drive (Fathers)
Hole #12
Michael Boyer
335 yards
Longest Drive (Sons)
Hole #7
Jeff Waite
345 yards
Longest Drive (Open)
Hole #12
Michael Boyer
345 yards
Closest to the Pin
Hole #3
Jeff Waite
within 4 feet

2008 Pairings, Hello's & Goodbye's

1A (Fathers)1B2A2B
John NashPete McKayCraig FinlaysonMarc White
Gino LucianiKirk WhitePhil LloydCameron McKay
Ken LancasterSteve SketchleyTed ClarkDon Foster
Michael BoyerBrian HiseyRyan BurkholderJason Sketchley
3A (Fathers)4A4B5A
Lorry ParkerJames WaiteDavid LucianiNathan Moro
Elie MoroTim FosterDarren SketchleyJames MacDonald
Stewart SketchleySpencer CoetzeeRon LloydTroy McGillen
Peter McKayRobert MacDonaldSteven HiseyJeff Clugston
5B (Fathers)6A6B7A
Graham MacDonaldCary ParkerJake CoetzeeDouglas MacDonald
Mike MoroTodd FinlaysonMarcus GalloNicholas Moro
Ian McKeeChris BurkholderMarcus CarrollBrad Clugston
Ernie WhiteMark McGillenPatrick IssacsDaniel Galati
7B (Fathers)89A9B
Gerald RimkeySean IsaacsDennis HiseyBrandon Boyer
Bill CarrollMichael CarrollScott FinlaysonByron Tyers
Howard BurkholderEvan LauerGlenn McKayCalvin McKee
Ralph LauerStuart TyersEric WhiteChris Lancaster
10A10B11A (Fathers)11B
Michael LucianiRichard LucianiAlwyn LloydScott Clugston
Marc BoddyChris BoddySam HiseyMarco Galati
Jeff WaitePaul MoroTerry ClugstonDamian Moro
Greg LloydJeff FosterTony GalatiDavid Rimkey
12A (Fathers)12B13A13B
Terry MizzenBrendan IsaacsJordan NashRichard Burkholder
Bruce WaiteDylan CoetzeeRyan BoyerStephen Clark
Bill BoddyDavid LauerMatthew CarrollPaul Lauer
Geof LauerZachary MoroDavid MizzenPaulo Galati
14A (Fathers)14B15A15B
Don FosterJohn WaiteColin NashGrant Lauer
Fred FinlaysonRichard RimkeyAndrew ClarkDavid McGillen
Nick GalloKent ParkerCalvin RimkeyDavid Moro
Gary IsaacsGarth LauerKevin ParkerBrock Lauer
16A (Fathers)16B1718
Ernie CoetzeeCameron McKeeJay NashAlex McKee
Peter ClarkKeegan TyersMike MizzenMike Lancaster
Bob McGillenPaul GalloJason BoyerAndrew Gallo
Robert TyersCam LancasterIvan BoddyBrent Mizzen

New Families

The Lancasters – Ken (Father), Mike, Cam, Chris

The Whites – Ernie (Father), Kirk, Marc, Eric

The Galatis – Tony (Father), Marco, Paulo, Daniel

The Coetzees – Ernie (Father), Dylan, Spencer, Jake

Exiting Families

The Herberts
34 Years
Ross (Father), Wally, Dan, Ted

The Kirkups
34 Years
Terry, Brent, John, Greg (Father)

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