2007 Recap

72nd Annual Golf Classic

Tangle Creek Golf Club

2007 Event Summary

The 2007 event was hosted by the Bruce Waite and Ralph Lauer families.  It was played on Friday, August 24th at  in Barrie, Ontario.

The Thursday Family Scramble was well attended and included a newly introduced format.  To even the playing field somewhat, a system was in place whereby families would move back one hole each time they birdied or eagled and ahead one tee block for every bogey.  This resulted in some very good golfers effectively playing the “tips” most of the round.  Given that, it is all the more impressive that the Scramble was won by the Birds, with a score of -15.

Proceeds from the Scramble went towards a hospitality suite at the hotel, where new and old families alike gathered in the evening and chatted, played cards and watched UFC well into the night.

It rained heavily both Wednesday and Thursday nights, but the weather for both golf days was fantastic and the course was in beautiful condition.  Things went smoothly throughout the day and everyone was off the course and showered/changed within 5 1/2 hours.

The banquet that followed was very nice,, with table served meals served in a spacious and well appointed hall at the course.  Three strategically located screens allowed the projection of several dozen digital pictures taken throughout the day, making for some fun conversation at the tables as they recalled recent antics on the course.

The Lauer and Waite families emceed events effectively, with the last of the prizes and awards handed out shortly before 7:30pm.

At the conclusion of the banquet, John Nash was introduced as the Father of the following year’s host family, whereupon he announced that the 2008 Father and Three Sons Tournament would be held at  in London, Ontario.

2007 Award Winners

Low Gross
Score of ?
Michael, Jason, Ryan, Brandon
Low Net
Score of ?
John, David, Colin, Jason

2007 Pairings, Hello's & Goodbye's

Stuart SketchleyRalph LauerGino LucianiExtra Nash
Russel TurnerHoward BurkholderMichael BoyerExtra Nash
Ross HerbertBruce WaiteJohn NashExtra Nash
Elio MoroGerald RimkeyPaul WilliamsExtra Mizzen
Steven SketchleyLeo GaynorRyan BoyerDavid Moro
Larry SchmidtCary ParkerAdam WilliamsAndrew Clark
Steven HiseyJames WaiteBrent KirkupDavid Nash
Cameron McKayGrant LauerCraig FinlaysonMatt Williams
Paul LauerDan HerbertBrad BirdGarth Lauer
Stuart TyersRick RimkeyDamian Goriup (Moro)Mark Gallo
Marcus CarrollJohn WaiteRob SchmidtByron Tyers
Cameron McKeeRick BurkholderBrad ClugstonCalvin McKee
Douglas McDonaldTed ClarkPaul GalloTerry Clugston
Nathan MoroKent ParkerMichael MizzenGraham McDonald
Michael CarrollChris BurkholderChris BoddyIain McKee
Patrick IsaacsScott MizzenRichard LucianiTed Herbert
Bill BoddyWally HerbertBrock LauerPeter Clark
Ted SchmidtJim TurnerJeff ClugstonGary Isaacs
Geoff LauerMike MoroJeff WaiteTerry Kirkup
Fred FinlaysonTerry MizzenJason SketchleyNick Gallo
Tim FosterBrandon BoyerJay NashAlan Bird
Phil SchmidtAndrew GalloJason BoyerTodd Finlayson
Scott ClugstonKeegan TyersSy WilliamsBill Turner
David RimkeyAlex McKeeBrent MizzenBrian Hisey
Peter McKayMark GaynorMichael LucianiZachary Moro
Greg BirdJohn TurnerMarc BoddyRobert McDonald
Greg KirkupScott FinlaysonEamon GaynorSean Isaacs
Don FosterDennis HiseyCalvin RimkeyMatthew Carroll
David LucianiRyan BurkholderJeff FosterNicholas Moro
Darren SketchleyKevin ParkerColin NashBrendan Isaacs
John KirkupMark LauerStephen ClarkDavid Lauer
Glenn McKayPaul MoroIvan BoddyJames McDonald
Don FosterSam Hisey
Lorry ParkerAidan Gaynor
Harvey BirdRobert Tyers
Peter McKayBill Carroll

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